Blunt Wraps, Hemp Wraps, & Rolling Papers

At Smoke 4 Less we stock a wide variety of papers and wraps.  

We carry natural and organic options as well as regular white rolling papers (“white boys”).

Whether you’re looking for a Rice paper, Hemp paper, or a Banana Leaf cone, we’ve got it all.

Some of the brands we carry: Gabba Leaf, Dutch Masters, Backwoods, Fronto Leaf, Swisher Sweets cigars, Game cigars, High Hemp, Juicy Jay Hemp Wraps & Rolling Papers, OCB Papers & Hemp Wraps, Raw Papers, Vibes Papers, Zig Zag Papers & Wraps, Cyclone Rolling Paper Cones, Raw Cones, and more.

We’re excited to announce as of 2022, that we now have Bloomer Cones and Tips.  These cones and tips are biodegradable and you can plant them in the dirt and wait for a wildflower to sprout!

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